Slide 1758 1850-1914 THE CAMPS FAMILY BEGINS TO MAKE PAPER OUR HISTORY MANUFACTURE OF PAPER FOR THE TOBACCO INDUSTRY 1950s START OF TOILET PAPER MANUFACTURE 1980s FIRST MANUFACTURE OF RECOVERED PAPER The manufacture of thin, low grammage paper, especially smoking paper destined for the tobacco industry, is promoted in the Spanish colonies. The Camps family began to manufacture paper with the construction of a paper mill in La Riba (Tarragona), granted to Francesc Camps i Camps. The mill manufactures hand-made deckle paper for official documents. The Spanish borders open up to new markets and the arrival of products such as plastic bags causes a decrease in paper consumption. With the MP3 machine, Gomà-Camps begins to manufacture smooth toilet paper. In 1959, a great fire broke out that destroyed the factory. The resumption of manufacturing will take months. In 1986, Gomà-Camps began to manufacture tissue paper from recovered paper. In 1989, the factory in Vilaverd was built to install the new industrial product converter for the professional market in Spain.

Slide 2010 NEW INVESTMENTS FOR IMPROVING ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND INTERNATIONAL EXPANSION 2018 260th ANNIVERSARY OF GOMÀ-CAMPS AN 2020 MYTISSUE ECOLOGIC+ LAUNCH Inauguration of the new paper machine (MP7) in Gomà-Camps Consumer, Ejea de los Caballeros. HERE. Gomà-Camps's steadfast commitment to sustainability, respect for the environment, resource optimisation and caring for people is definitively expressed with the launch of mytissue ecologic+ In 2014, Gomà-Camps Maroc was created, several investments were made into facilities and energy efficiency was improved to reduce CO2 emissions by 10%.

In 2015, Gomà-Camps acquires 100% of the shares of GC & WEPA and Gomà-Camps Consumer is created, the group company focused on FMCG. Gomà-Camps is the first tissue paper company to obtain the European Ecolabel.

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Slide 700+ different
item types
between Ejea de los
Caballeros and La Riba,
450 employees 2 international
head offices in France
and Morocco
95,000 tonnes
of paper produced
of finished product
per year